WSI Latest News

New Publication: Communities that Work Partnership Playbook

This playbook presents the work of seven regional partnerships engaged in the Communities that Work Partnership.

New Paper: Philanthropy and the Future of Work

Work is changing in many ways. What does this mean for leaders in philanthropy seeking to expand economic opportunities for low- and moderate-income workers?

New Report: Strengthening America’s Immigrant Workforce

Immigrant workers are a key segment of our workforce and economy. How can immigrant-serving organizations and community colleges collaborate to boost their success? 

See EOP’s Vickie Choitz speak at NCTN’s 2016 Conference

The NCTN Policy Panel will bring participants and panelists into the conversation about adult education and economic inequality.

New Briefs from the Communities that Work Partnership

In April 2015, the Aspen Institute Workforce Strategies Initiative jointly launched the Communities that Work Partnership with the US Economic Development Administration.

New Report: Improving Immigrant Access To Workforce Services

In the fall of 2015, AspenWSI engaged in research to better understand how organizations in the workforce development and immigrant-serving fields currently intersect and how they could further partner to improve policies and...

A New WIOA Measure Deserves a New Way of Measuring

What is an optimal way to measure the public workforce system’s effectiveness in serving employers? Last year, AspenWSI released a working paper that proposed a novel “point-menu” system to measure core program...

New Report: Implementation of Accelerating Opportunity

Implementation of Accelerating Opportunity is the latest of a series of evaluation reports on the Accelerating Opportunity initiative. This final implementation report was published in partnership with the Urban...

America’s growing divide between work and wealth

Maureen Conway, executive director of the Economic Opportunities Program and vice president for policy programs at the Aspen Institute, writes for CNN, "Without substantial changes to our social safety net, the continuing...

View recording from “Reskilling America: Career and Technical Education in the 21st Century”

We often hear that good jobs require college. For many, however, the road to a college degree presents more challenges than opportunities. The costs of a four-year degree have soared, often leaving students with crippling...