Our Work


AspenWSI’s Methods and Projects

AspenWSI’s projects engage regional, state and national actors to support successful practices among nonprofit job training providers, community colleges, workforce agencies, and policymakers.  Our methods include:

Research and Evaluation Projects to identify successful practices, understand labor market systems, and enhance outcomes in the field.

Project Examples:  Case Studies of Community College-Nonprofit Partnerships, Evaluation of U.S. Department of Labor Sectoral Employment demonstration, Development of a Business Value Assessment Toolkit for training providers, Field Survey of Construction Apprenticeship Programs


Leadership Development for practitioners at local workforce development initiatives at nonprofits, workforce agencies, and community colleges across the country.

Project Examples:  Sector Skills Academy, Peer Learning Conferences, Conference Presentations, National Webinars


Public Events to highlight issues affecting low and moderate income American workers, while bringing to the forefront ideas and policies that can work to improve the economy and jobs.

Project Examples:  Working in America and Reinventing Low-Wage Work: Ideas that Can Work for Employees, Employers and the Economy discussion series with events covering pertinent topics, such as the minimum wage, immigration, as well as low-wage work in a variety of growing sectors