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Worker Outcomes

What education, employment, and earnings outcomes do workers served by sector initiatives achieve?

AspenWSI has conducted a variety of research documenting the education and labor market experiences of sector initiative participants before and after training. We have conducted participant data studies as a component of AspenWSI’s Courses to Employment and the Sectoral Employment Development Learning Project (SEDLP), and as a research partner to Public/Private Ventures’ Sectoral Employment Impact Study. Study findings show that the sectoral approach is effective at helping low-income adults gain skills, attain higher levels of education, obtain employment, and increase their earnings. In this section, visitors will find detailed outcomes from a variety of studies.

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Creating Good Jobs: Lessons Learned from Worker Cooperatives, ESOPs, and B Corporations

Resource Type: video

On Thursday, October 10, 2013, the Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program...
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Apprenticeship: Completion and Cancellation in the Building Trades

From 2011 to 2012, AspenWSI conducted research on the experiences of construction...
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Construction statistical appendix

The following document includes appendices from the Apprenticeship: Completion and...
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Courses to Employment: Partnering to Create Paths to Education and Careers

This publication summarizes research from AspenWSI’s Courses to Employment project,...
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Courses To Employment Update (Number 3) Training Futures: A case study of a nonprofit-community college partnership

This issue of Update looks at how Northern Virginia Family Service, a nonprofit...
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