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C2E Partnership Tools


Through Courses to Employment (C2E) we investigated the operations and outcomes of six partnerships between nonprofit organizations and community colleges . Between 2008 and 2010 AspenWSI regularly convened the partnerships as a group so that not only would we learn from them, but the partnership leaders would have opportunities to learn from each other. These types of partnerships represent a nascent field of practice, and nonprofit and community college representatives have noted time and again the value of sharing ideas, strategies and information about the nuts and bolts work of organizing and managing effective partnerships.

In this area we have compiled a variety of different types of tools that partnerships have used to support their work on the ground. The tools available today reflect a work-in-progress, and we expect to add additional tools over time. We welcome comments, feedback and suggestions for additions.

The tools are organized in three categories, based on the types of questions we hear in the field that relate to partnership and program design. Our goal in providing these tools is not to promote a particular approach or provide a “how to guide” on partnership. Rather we hope that seeing the tools will give program leaders a peek into others’ work and perhaps spur insights that are helpful as they think about and plan within their own environment.

How do partners organize themselves? Who does what?

What strategies do partners use to provide education and support services?

What kinds of costs are involved in partnership?

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