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Sectoral Strategies for Low-Income Workers: Lessons from the Field


By Maureen Conway, Amy Blair, Steven L. Dawson and Linda Dworak-Muñoz

This publication take a fresh look at the sectoral development field, explaining how it differs form other workforce development approaches, how it has grown over time, what is has achieved, and how it can be used to strengthen regional economies and business competitiveness. Content was drawn from interviews with workforce program leaders, program visits and survey responses from more than 225 workforce organizations. Included are brief case studies on dozens of innovative initiatives that illustrate key aspects of the sector strategy. The publication is geared not only to workforce professionals, but also to policy makers and funders who design and support programs, and/or develop regulations and guidelines related to these approaches. Those seeking a in-depth, up-to-date look at the sectoral employment development field will find much of value in this publication.
(October 2007) Catalog No. 07-014

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