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Update Issue 5: Results Driven: Using the Business Value Approach to Design and Assess Workforce Services


By Amy Blair and Maureen Conway

In this issue of Update, WSI discusses when and how the BVA framework can be helpful in designing and assessing a workforce service or program. The publication, drawing on WSI’s research into and experience conducting Business Value Assessments, discusses the value to workforce providers of using the BVA framework and offers practitioners suggestions on how to engage their business and industry partners more effectively. The report also discusses how researchers and program evaluators can adopt the BVA framework to build a more comprehensive evaluation of a workforce strategy that includes a better understanding of the benefits businesses accumulate from a workforce service. This issue also highlights how investors can help workforce programs develop the capacities necessary to effectively adopt BVA practices in order for practitioners to better understand their own performance and engage industry partners more successfully.
(May 2011) Catalog No. 11-014


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